TERMs and conditions

1. In general

By accessing or ordering on the website ( https://buyimdbratings.com ), the customer agrees to be bound by these Terms General, and states that he has read and understood them. Buyimdbratings.com reserves the right, in its sole discretion, modify or change these terms and conditions at any time. It is the customer’s responsibility to regularly consult the Terms General to keep abreast of any changes. Products sold benefits and services described on the Site at the time of sale. Product specifications and photos are indicative only.

By placing an order, you certify that you have read and accept the terms and conditions.

2. Prices

Buyimdbratings.com reserves the right to change the products prices at any time.

3. Offers

Buyimdbratings.com reserves the right to close any offer without any notice.

4. Average ratings

We guarantee the votes, not ratings. Average IMDb ratings depends on so many factors. Star vote is one of those important factors which can change average ratings.

5. Non-drop Refill

We are sure the votes won’t get dropped. But unfortunately the votes get dropped in 20 days then we will refill it or if you want then we will refund the money.

6. Intellectual Property

The customer agrees not to use text, images, logos and other graphics on the site without the written and explicit permission of buyimdbratings.com. This website, in part or in whole, should in no case be reproduced, copied, sold or exploited for commercial purposes without authorization written by officials of LeoMazzotti.com.

7. Data protection

All personal data will be considered confidential. The information required to manage the order will be subject to a data processing and may be communicated to associated companies under the management of the order.

Refund Policy:

We will issue refund only if our provided votes get dropped in 20 days. We have no connection with average ratings.

8. Collection, Use and Processing of personal and professional data

When you access the Website, certain information is automatically recorded for purposes of system administration, for the purpose of statistics or for security reasons.

This concerns:

-the name of your internet service provider ;

-your IP address (in some cases) ;

-the version of your internet browser ;

-the operating system of the computer with which you accessed the Website ;

-the date;

-the time;

-the website from which you accessed our Website;

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-your email address;

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-your surname;

-your first name;

When you register as a user by entering your details on the Website, you accept that your data will be used in connection with the services offered.

You also agree to your data being used for advertising purposes or being transmitted to third parties for the purposes of publicity. If you do not consent to your data being used for the publicity purposes, you may at any time have it excluded it by writing an Email to us.

9. Data security:

We store your data securely and take all the necessary steps to protect it from all loss, illicit access, misuse or other. Our staff and our contractual partners who have access to your data are subject to a contractual obligation of confidentiality and must respect the legal provisions regarding data protection. In some cases, we may be required to pass your data on to companies which are linked to us. In these cases your data will also be treated strictly confidentially.

10. Contact:

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us at any time by Email at the following address: [email protected]

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